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Benefits of Lotus Extracts

Lotus extracts are an ancient form of medicine that are widely used today. Their anti-depressant and anti-stress properties have been shown to benefit human health. They are known to improve concentration and focus, and they can even help eliminate toxins from the body. This article will explore the benefits of Lotus extracts and how they can benefit the modern world.

Blue lotus is a traditional medicine

The ancient Egyptians revered and used the blue lotus flower as a traditional medicine. It was considered sacred and symbolized fertility, rebirth, and regeneration. It was also used as a tonic for anxiety, sleep, and even rituals. The plant contains bioactive compounds that have been found to have euphoric effects.

The plant contains apomorphine, a non-selective dopamine blue lotus extract agonist that helps reduce tension. It also contains nuciferine, a non-psychoactive alkaloid. It is easy to prepare and can be taken as a tea. You can steep dried blue lotus flowers in hot water for five to ten minutes, depending on the desired strength. Alternatively, you can purchase blue lotus tea, a powdered extract that is already prepared and ready to drink.

It has anti-depressant and anti-stress properties

Blue lotus flower extract has numerous medicinal and cosmetic properties. In ancient Egypt, this flower was used as a symbol of the god Nefertem and was considered to have relaxing, healing, and balancing properties. Today, it is used in skincare and other products. Among its other uses, Lotus flower extract has anti-depressant, anti-stress, and anti-diabetic properties.

Lotus extracts were extracted from the aerial parts of Nymphaea lotus. In this process, they were purified by using a chromatographic column. It was then fractionated by Sephadex LH-20 with MeOH to isolate three major compounds. These compounds were screened for their anti-depressant and anti-stress properties.

It improves concentration and focus

There are a few ways to increase concentration and focus by taking lotus extracts. The stems of the lotus plant are processed by dissolving the pectin and other non-cellulose components. Hydrogen peroxide is used to increase the removal rate of the impurities. The process can take as long as 15 minutes.

During this process, the lotus’s extract is extracted from the stamens. The extract is then tested for its antioxidant and neuroprotective effects. It is important to note that not all blue lotus extracts are the same. In fact, you may need to go through a difficult process to find the right one.

It eliminates toxins from the skin

Lotus extract is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and improves skin elasticity. It also has anti-inflammatory, blood circulation, and detoxifying effects. Furthermore, it can enhance sleep and improve erectile dysfunction. It is also a natural aphrodisiac. This plant has a variety of uses and is ideal for people of all skin types.

Lotus flower extracts are also excellent moisturizers. Lotus water extract contains glycerin, hydrogenated polyisobutene, sweet almond oil, and a small amount of glucose and anhydroxylitol. Its moisturizing properties are also beneficial in reducing the appearance of blemishes. Many skincare products contain this extract to treat skin problems and improve skin texture.

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