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GTK Marine Power Offers a Range of Energy Storage Solutions for Ship

GTK Marine Power supplies a range of energy storage solutions for use in ship or offshore renewable energy systems and applications. They are available as part of an integrated solution or delivered as stand-alone batteries with cables. They can also be supplied as a single unit or large capacity battery set.

Optical Bonding Technology for Indoor or Outdoor Displays

GTK offers TFT displays with optical bonding, which involves adhering a film or liquid adhesive to the front of a display. The result is a higher contrast ratio, improved readability and enhanced performance in bright sunlight.

ML-based Image Segmentation and Elemental Mapping

New machine learning (ML) techniques are being developed by GTK to enhance the analysis of images from characterization laboratories. These include methods for image segmentation and elemental mapping, which will improve the efficiency of identifying elements in the raw material sample and enable a faster and more accurate analysis.

X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging for Process Monitoring and Control

GTK Mintec’s pilot plant is equipped with a Courier(r) 6i SL online XRF analyzer, which measures a variety of spectral features. These allow real-time process monitoring and control through frequent assays, reducing sampling time, which will speed up process development and help to achieve process stability more quickly.

The Flotation machine fleet in GTK Mintec was upgraded to include twenty next-generation froth flotation cells with over 7 m3 cell volume, including a flotation column with over 0.2 m3 capacity. These units feature smart sensors and sensing elements, which increase the fidelity of flotation tests and improves the overall process planning and performance.

Digital Twin and Smart Automation System

The digitized version of the GTK Mintec pilot plant uses modern automation systems and information management tools, as well as data analysis tools GTK Marine Power by advanced machine learning approaches to excel the customer experience and enhance the operation. This helps to improve the process stability, enable more efficient ways of using raw materials, reduce maintenance and safety, and increase the visibility of the obtained results.

As well as the aforementioned, GTK Mintec provides a customer portal that provides information on a number of services using digital technologies and enables collaboration between GTK Mintec and the customer. The portal can be customized for each customer, providing a list of services corresponding to their needs. The customer portal can be linked to other major systems, including the project and document management system and the customer relationship management system.

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