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How to Choose the Best Fleet Services

There are a number of different fleet services in Calgary. Each of these services provides a different service and can vary in cost. There are many different features that are important when choosing a fleet service. These features may include the Moovit app, FuelFocus, and Telematics. You may also be interested in the Moovit cost estimator.

Moovit app

Moovit’s fleet services Calgary application makes it easier to find and use vehicles for your transportation needs. The service connects you to a variety of local transportation options, including cabs, taxis, and bikes, all in one convenient app. With Moovit, you can choose a vehicle that best suits your needs and get directions to the location.

Moovit also offers live guidance when you’re on the go. It will tell¬†fleet services Calgary you how much time you have until your train or bus arrives, and what stops are closest to your destination. It also alerts you when it’s time to get off the bus or train. Moovit also uses GPS to track trains and buses, so you can know exactly where they are and when they’ll arrive.


FuelFocus fleet services Calgary can provide a variety of benefits to fleet owners and managers. These services include electronic fuel metering and automated vehicle fueling, as well as data validation. The software works with existing fleet management systems, such as FleetFocus. It eliminates double-entry by ensuring that all fueling transactions are accurately recorded.

FleetFocus helps fleet owners save money by helping them track fuel costs and improve fleet productivity. It also helps fleet managers track their equipment mileage and accountability. The fleet management system’s wireless capabilities and TCP/IP communication enable users to review fuel transaction reports online and in real-time. The software allows fleet owners and managers to view completed fuel transactions, assign fuel cards to fleet equipment, and accept payments through Paymentech.


Telematics are an important tool for improving profit margins in the transportation industry. Choosing the best telematics solution requires an in-depth understanding of your business needs and the functionality you need. As a fleet manager, you’ll need a telematics provider that will provide you with a full range of solutions and a customizable level of functionality.

Telematics use GPS to track and analyze vehicle-specific data. This data can help you find the most efficient routes for delivery and reduce fuel usage. It can also help your insurance company monitor driver behavior and evaluate risk levels to help set insurance premiums.


Fleet management services help businesses organize, manage, and track their fleets. These services help businesses save money on fuel and ensure drivers follow the rules of the road. They can cost from $35 to $6500 per year per vehicle, depending on the size of your fleet. However, fleet managers can help you save money in many ways.


If you’re thinking about using a fleet service in Calgary, there are a few things to consider before hiring one. First, you should consider the liability of the company. If they have poor record keeping or fail to properly maintain your vehicles, you could be held criminally liable for the damage done to your vehicle.

Another consideration is the vehicle insurance. Many insurance policies for fleet vehicles include liability insurance, but there are some limitations. For example, some policies only cover certain types of accidents. This is a problem because you don’t want to be responsible for accidents that could have been prevented. Choosing the right coverage level for your fleet is essential to reducing your overall liability.

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