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Trains From Salt Lake City to Denver

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get to Denver from Salt Lake City, you may want to take the train. There are several direct routes available, and they take about 15 hours and eight minutes. The train fare is approximately $66. Amtrak has several different routes, including the California Zephyr, SilverLeaf Plus, and GoldLeaf.

Amtrak’s California Zephyr

Traveling via Amtrak’s California Zephyr train from Salt Lake City to Denver is one of the most scenic journeys in North America. The train journey passes through the heart of the Rockies and the snow-capped Sierra Nevadas. The train’s route starts in Chicago, Illinois and ends in Denver, Colorado, before continuing on to Salt Lake City, Colorado. The route includes stops in Sacramento, Reno, and Emeryville. You can also opt for a bus service from Salt Lake City to Denver, which is also operated by Amtrak.

The California Zephyr’s route is based on the Western Pacific route that ran from Salt Lake City to Denver from 1949 to 1970. The route passes through Altamont Pass and Feather River Canyon. It also skirts the Colorado River in Ruby Canyon and crosses the Rio Grande River. Passengers can continue west on Southern Pacific or Union Pacific’s City of San Francisco.

Amtrak’s SilverLeaf Plus

If you are looking for a luxury train ride, the SilverLeaf Plus train train from salt lake city to denver from Salt Lake City to Denver offers luxurious accommodations. This train offers a lounge car with private tables and a bar for guests to enjoy a cocktail. The service also offers unlimited food and beverages. One drawback of the SilverLeaf Plus train is that it can only accommodate passengers in taller cars.

When the train reaches a height of 5,280 feet above sea level, it enters the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. As it climbs this rugged terrain, it travels the “Big 10 Curve.” This curving section of track is lined with two dozen cement rail cars that serve as a wind block. This prevents wind from blowing through the track, but passengers on the outdoor viewing platforms are still subject to wind gusts.

Amtrak’s GoldLeaf service

Taking Amtrak’s “Gold Leaf” service from Salt Lake City to Denver is a luxurious way to travel. The train features two levels of luxury seating, with a windowed top level and a narrow band covering the center of the ceiling. This train also includes a cocktail bar and an outdoor viewing platform. The service is also known for its beautiful vistas, which include the Rocky Mountains and the Red Rocks area.

The train’s SilverLeaf coaches were inherited from Canadian National and re-branded as the Rocky Mountaineer in 1990. The coaches feature clerestory windows and wide side windows. They also have a Dutch door, so passengers can take turns opening it. However, these coaches are not tall enough to fit into US tunnels.

Buses from Salt Lake City to Denver

Buses from Salt Lake City to Denver run nightly and provide a comfortable ride. The best part is that there are no booking fees. The buses run from the Salt Lake Intermodal Hub (SLIH), operated by Utah Transit Authority. All bus routes, including TRAX and FrontRunner, depart from this station. Additionally, SLIH is located in the city’s Free Fare Zone, which allows transportation patrons to ride fare-free on public transportation.

Buses from Salt Lake City to Denver are great for people on a tight budget. The trip from Salt Lake City to Denver is only twelve hours long and costs an average of 80 USD. It is important to note that tickets for the bus from Salt Lake City to Denver do not require any transfers, so it is ideal for travelers on a budget.

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