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Email Validation Checker Review

Email validation checker is a software that can remove invalid, disposable, and duplicate email addresses from your list so that your email campaigns reach their intended recipients. It can also detect and prevent fake or bot sign-ups on your web forms. Email validation helps you save on email sending costs and preserves your email sender reputation. It is essential to use an email verification service if you want your campaigns to achieve high deliverability rates.

The most advanced email verification tools can identify valid and invalid data without sending a single email. They use various methods to verify an email address, including syntax checks, SMTP pinging, and DNS lookups. Some services also analyze an incoming email message to identify spam triggers and other indicators of potential issues.

A good email validation checker will provide you with a detailed report of the results of its analysis. The report will help you to identify issues with your list and recommend steps to take to correct them. This will improve your deliverability and ensure that your emails get delivered to the inbox rather than the junk or spam folder.

Choosing an email verification provider should be done carefully as not all are created equal. A reliable email validation tool will offer multiple pricing options and a free trial to allow you to try the software before making a purchase. The best email validation software will offer a comprehensive list of features that include an API, a web-based dashboard, and real-time monitoring to prevent bounces and improve deliverability.

MailerCheck is a powerful and accurate email verification tool that can be used for both lists and single API requests. It is a leader in the email validation market and has been trusted by 4000+ companies from 6 continents. It is a GDPR compliant solution that provides full protection against fraud and privacy violations. It has a high performance engine and can perform 200+ verifications per hour per customer.

It offers an API for quick integration into web applications and can verify email addresses instantly as they are entered. It identifies hard bounces and other errors that can reduce your deliverability rate. Its email verification software also checks for toxic e-mail addresses (such as those that have been widely circulated or breached, those that belong to complainers, litigators, or potential spam traps) and removes them from your lists.

It offers a free trial for up to 100 email verifications. Its robust email verification software can verify up to 1,000,000 SMTP messages a day. The software is available in both a browser-based GUI and a REST API that can be integrated into existing systems. It supports a wide variety of file formats and can handle complex data structures. It is easy to integrate with popular CRM and email marketing solutions. It can be used by small businesses, large enterprises, and email service providers. Its email validation process is highly customizable and can be tailored to specific requirements.

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